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Skeptic or Sceptic? – SEO Skeptic

Skeptic or Sceptic?

A Brief Note on the Perils of Canadian Orthography

In the United States a person with a "questioning attitude" is a skeptic; in the United Kingdom, this person is a sceptic. What about this same individual in Canada?

Since this is a search marketing blog let's look at some site: queries in Google.

The Government of Canada

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Well, that's not particularly helpful, is it? One could conjecture that sceptic is the "official" spelling – following the general rule of Canadian spelling favouring (not favoring) that of the UK – but skeptic appears more often on the CBC website because of citations. Or not. The Wikipedia manual of Style (Spelling) lists this in the "Canada column" for this particular noun:

  • skeptic, sceptic

Great. So I've opted for skeptic, in part because I chose seoskeptic.com before giving the matter much thought, and in part because the first "Canada-wide blog" for you-know-what-type-of-person is Skeptic North.

Needless to say, as a diligent search marketer, I've registered seosceptic.com and redirected it here. And I invite skeptics from south of the border and sceptics from across the pond to ponder whether I've written this note because I really care about the spelling of this blasted word, or just to cover my bases with the search engines.

One way or another, spelling choices for a Canadian SEO can be perilous. One usually wants to center centre one's attention on the US market, but not labor labour too hard to appease said market. Perhaps it's a matter best addressed in a future installment instalment.