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SEO Skeptology - SEO Skeptic

SEO Skeptology

A skeptic possesses what might be broadly described as a "questioning attitude" or, to cite a dictionary definition, "the doctrine that true knowledge or knowledge in a particular area is uncertain." In the particular area of search engine optimization, I indeed believe that "true knowledge" is hard to come by, and that a skeptical (but by no means cynical) approach is required to excel at SEO.

The SEO Skeptic Manifesto

An outline of how a skeptical approach to the practice of SEO can beneficial, especially when applied to claims concerning the effectiveness of specific SEO techniques.

On the Value of SEO

I am not skeptical about the value of SEO, as I think there is ample evidence – outlined here – to support the claim that optimizing a website for search engines can result in improved search engine rankings.

Skeptic or Sceptic?

A wholly frivolous piece on the spelling employed by this domain.