Google Adds Location Pages

April 8, 2014
Google Adds Location Pages

In a move sure to attract the interest of the local SEO community, Google's Pierre Far took to Google+ today to announce "support for structured data markup to help us surface the correct business info in Google search." As outlined in an accompanying Webmaster Central blog post, Google is using what it has christened […]

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April 4, 2014 Website Gets a Face-Lift

As reported today by Dan Brickley, a new version of the website has been launched. The most significant change is that examples are now available in RDFa and JSON-LD in addition to the microdata examples previously provided. This addition of these examples fulfills one of the longest-standing requests from webmasters and search marketers, and […]

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Bing Snapshot Adds More Entities, More Relationships

March 31, 2014
Bing Snapshot Adds More Entities, More Relationships

Bing today announced a number of additions to its Snapshot product. Snapshot is Bing's Satori-powered version of Google's Knowledge Graph and, like the Knowledge Graph, information from this knowledge base typically appears in a panel to the right of the main search results, or in a carousel above them.

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JSON-LD, the Google Knowledge Graph and SEO

March 13, 2014
JSON-LD, the Google Knowledge Graph and SEO

Finally got your head around using RDFa or microdata for marking up HTML documents with Prepare to to come to terms with a new protocol that will almost certainly become a vital item in the contemporary digital marketer's tool kit: JSON-LD. Google today announced two types of information that will be integrated into their […]

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Digital Presence Optimization

March 11, 2014
Digital Presence Optimization

A few months ago I came up with a working definition of "semantic SEO" that goes something like this. For most of their existence what search engines have done have is match keywords in queries to keywords that appear in a web resource. They've done this with extraordinary sophistication, but search has been by and […]

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The Future of SEO Is Not O

February 21, 2014
The Future of SEO Is Not O

There's a new spin on the ever-popular "SEO is dead" meme that's been around forever, and this one is being propagated by organic search engine marketers themselves. This new assertion focuses largely on Google and might be summarized as "SEO has changed, so do something else." That is, search engine optimization is no longer as […]

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Bing Launches (Weakly) Connected Pages

November 20, 2013
Bing Launches (Weakly) Connected Pages

Bing announced on their Webmaster Blog that users are now able to "connect" their official social pages to a corresponding verified site in Bing Webmaster Tools. In addition to the announcement Bing has also published a "how to" page on Connected Pages. Once a page has been successfully connected to a verified site, Bing Webmaster […]

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Basic Vocabulary for and Structured Data

November 5, 2013
Basic Vocabulary for and Structured Data Markup was launched in June 2011, and for many search marketers this launch introduced them not only to the initiative itself, but to the world of structured data and its accompanying terminology. The vocabulary surrounding is old hat for semantic web developers, but for the rest of us the terminology associated with the world […]

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Count vs. Votes Error for

October 28, 2013 and the Count vs. Votes Structured Data Testing Tool Error Message has a mechanism for stating the average rating of an item based on multiple ratings or reviews: AggregateRating is the expected type for the property aggregateRating, which can be used on all CreativeWork, Organization, Place, Offer and Product types (you can't rate a Person, which is probably a good thing). The phrase "multiple […]

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Semantic SEO: Making the Shift from Strings to Things

October 2, 2013
Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO is the nascent art of optimizing web sites and other web-based resources for semantic search. But, strictly speaking, it's unnecessary to speak of "semantic SEO" or "semantic search" because the reality of contemporary search engines have made the qualifier redundant. Semantic web technologies are now intrinsic to the way modern search engines work, […]

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