SEO Blogs

My SEO blog list is very much a work in progress. I currently subscribe to some 200 blogs, and I'm still adding new blogs and annotations to my lists. So don't fret if your blog isn't listed here yet – it may well appear soon!

While currently an independent consultant, I continue to actively maintain my list of in-house SEOs on Twitter.

Picks of the Litter

  • Search Engine Land
    For both breaking search marketing news and thoughtful columns on practical SEO news, Search Engine Land (@sengineland) is simply the best source around. The contributors include such search luminaries as Danny Sullivan Land (@dannysullivan), Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) and Matt McGee (@mattmcgee). A must-read.
  • SEO By the SEA
    If Bill Slawski (@bill_slawski) didn't exist the SEO community would have to invent him. Slawski specializes in search engine patents: he summarizes notable patents on his blog, and extrapolates likely implications for SEO practitioners. Simply invaluable.
  • Search Engine Journal
    Another great SEO news and information site. Like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal (@sejournal) features too many knowledgeable writers to list here, but some notables include "forensic SEO" Alan Bleiweiss (@ alanbleiweiss), link guru Garrett French (@garrettfrench) and the astonishingly productive Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) – Smarty's insightful posts are reason enough to read SEJ.

Other Notable SEO Blogs

  • SEO Theory
    An exceptional blog by Michael Martinez (@seo_theory). The blog takes "a more scientific approach to search engine optimization" and stresses experimentation and actionable evaluation of results. Unsurprisingly, this is an SEO Skeptic favorite. Also check out Martinez's personal SEO blog, The SEO Theorist.
  • SEO Chat
    As much as I like the posts by Terri Wells, the main reason I love this site are the great articles by Codex-M (no, I don't have a Twitter address or even a real name for him/her). Codex-M, a developer, favours experimental results over conjecture – earning him/her a special place in the SEO Skeptic heart. More SEO people should be reading this blog – you know, like you.
  • SEO Book Blog
    Whatever you think of Aaron Wall (@aaronwall), he's clearly one of the brightest best-informed search marketers in the field. I sometimes tire of his diatribes against Google and its business practices, but that's not to said diatribes aren't accompanied by exhaustive and convincing evidence. I just wish he would write more often on general SEO issues, as Wall can really knock your socks off with a good post. Compelling, if sometimes infuriating, reading.
  • SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog
    Unless you've been living under a rock, you problably already know of SEOmoz (@seomoz), and have digested more than one Rand Fishkin (@randfish) post in your time. I find sometimes the contributors make rather grand claims based on slim evidence, but this is countered by a large reader based which tends to keep things honest.
  • Blind Five Year Old
    A better-than-average SEO, PPC, social media and marketing blog from A.J. Kohn (@ajkohn). The blog name comes from Kohn's SEO philosophy, which is "which is to treat search engines like they are blind five year olds." Amen.
  • Conversation Marketing
    A useful and often amusingly-written blog by Internet marketer Ian Lurie (@portentint).
  • SEO BLog by Dave Naylor
    An iconic blog by iconic search marketer Dave Naylor (@davenaylor) and his team at Bronco.
  • Search Engine Roundtable
    Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) reads Webmaster World and the Google forums so you don't have to (though you should). A great take on the pulse of the SEO-focused webmaster community.
  • Search Engine Guide
    Solid and often technically-facing posts on search marketing, with particulary good posts by Stoney deGeyter (@stoneyd) and Mike Moran (@mikemoran).
  • Search Engine Watch Blog
    The SEW Blog (@sewatch) summarizes recent search engine and SEO-related news.
  • Traffick: The Business of Search
    Very thoughtful posts from Torontonian and AdWords expert Andrew Goodman (@andrew_goodman), who also contributes to ClickZ.
  • Search Engine People Blog
    A wide ranging blog on issues pertaining to SEO, PPC and online copywriting by a large cast of contributors. Ruud Hein (@ruudhein) admirably captains the SEP (@senginepeople) ship.
  • Search Engine Optimization Blog
    A solid SEO blog by my buddy Ani Lopez (@anilopez). Particularly good posts on international SEO and website architecture.
  • Link Building Blog
    A great blog from Dutch marketer Wiep Knol (@wiep). While focused on link-building, good insights whenever more general SEO topics are discussed.
  • Yoast: Tweaking Websites
    The blog for WordPress SEO, written by Joost de Valk (@yoast) – though his non-WordPress posts are excellent too. SEO Skeptic uses the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.