Internet Marketing Blogs

My Internet marketing blog list is very much a work in progress. I currently subscribe to some 200 blogs, and I'm still adding new blogs and annotations. So don't fret if your blog isn't listed here yet – it may well appear soon! Also check out my related list of ecommerce blogs, which are obviously closely related to "Internet marketing."

I also follow a maintain a list of top Internet marketers on Twitter.

Picks of the Litter

  • ClickZ
    One of the longest-standing and best of the digital marketing news sites, ClickZ (@clickz) pumps out posts on email , analytics, media, social networking and search marketing. Some great contributors, including Jack Marshall (@jackmarshall), Zach Rodgers (@zachrodgers) and Kate Kaye (@lowbrowkate).
  • Outspoken Media Blog
    Outspoken's Lisa Barone (@lisabarone) is everything you could ask for in a Internet marketing blogger: experienced, well-informed, funny and, yes, outspoken. Barone has the rare gift of making any marketing situation, however complex, seem imminently understandable. If you're a marketer and don't read Outspoken you problably don't read many blogs, or lack a sense of humour. Or both.
  • EConsultancy Digital Marketing Blog
    Econsultancy (@econsultancy) publishes informative posts on a wide range of digital marketing issues, from ecommerce to social media to SEO. Notable contributors include Graham Charlton (@gcharlton) and Tameka Kee (@geekychic)

Other Notable Internet Marketing Blogs

  • Marketing Pilgrim
    Great marketing information from the legendary Andy Beal (@andybeal) and very readable Frank Reed (@frankreed), among others.
  • Media Post Publications
    MediaPost has a wealth of information on digital media and internet marketing, but there's so many publications and blogs in their matrix subscribing to select RSS feeds is much easier than trying to browse the site (the online feed will be of most interest to internet marketers).
  • The eMarketer Blog
    Strong posts on digital marketing from New York "digital intelligence" firm eMarketer (@emarketer). I particularly like the data tables and graphs that accompany most of their posts.