Ecommerce Blogs

My ecommerce blog list is very much a work in progress. I currently subscribe to some 200 blogs, and I'm still adding new blogs and annotations. So don't fret if your blog isn't listed here yet – it may well appear soon! Also check out my list of Internet marketing blogs, as there's obviously some overlap between that list and this one.

I also actively maintain a list of ecommerce people (and organizations) on Twitter.

Picks of the Litter

  • Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog
    Simply the best source of topical ecommerce around. Get Elastic (@ getelastic), authored chiefly by the amazingly well-informed Linda Bustos (@roxyyo), features posts on everything from shopping cart abandonment rates to ecommerce SEO tips – all beautifully presented with useful and insightful screenshots. If you work in online retail and don't read this blog you should consider a career change.
  • ZippyCart E-Commerce News
    While the tagline of ZippyCart "ecommerce solutions compared" the ZippyCart blog is much broader in scope. A great and frequently-updated selection of online retail news, shopping cart related-stories, infographics and ecommerce tips. Aside from being knowledgeable, front-man Nick (@zippycart) is also a very nice and sociable guy – be sure to follow him.
  • Unbounce Landing Page Blog
    If you care – or need to care – about landing pages, the Unbounce landing page and conversion optimization blog should be on your subscribe list. Frequently updated tips, tricks and examples pertaining to landing pages and their design by my friend and neighbour Oli Gardner (@unbounce), as well as guest posts from industry luminaries.

Other Notable Ecommerce Blogs

  • Practical Ecommerce
    Frequently updated ecommerce news, statistics and tips (@practicalecomm).
  • Which Test Won
    A great A/B testing site from Anne Holland (@AnneHolland55). The posts show two landing pages, and you can vote on which performed better; after voting the actual results are displayed. Informative and addictive.
  • Volusion Ecommerce Blog
    Solid ecommerce news and tips (including video tips) from Volusion (@volusion). Thogh Volusion is a ecommerce platform, the blog isn't hijacked by promotional post.
  • eCommerce Optimization
    Thoughtful and actionable posts on ecommerce from Eric Leuenberger (@ecomexpert)with a focus on conversion.