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Au revoir, SEO Skeptic!

Au revoir, SEO Skeptic!

by Aaron Bradley on January 8, 2020

in SEO

Au revoir, SEO Skeptic!

This will be my last post on SEO Skeptic. Don’t panic – and to get to the action item right away for those that don’t care why I’m closing up shop – from today forward you can find me at The Graph Lounge.

If you want to know more about my new digital home there’s a welcome post already up.

I’ve been blogging on SEO Skeptic for just over ten years, and July 2018 would have marked my 13th year as a search marketer.

“Would have” because the month before I took on a new role on Electronic Arts as the company's first Knowledge Graph Strategist.

This was not an abrupt transition, as it rolls over the interest in linked data that’s dominated most of my time into search into a related, but different realm.

From a search perspective you could say I’ve moved on from observing Google’s Knowledge Graph to building one myself (where “building one myself” actually means “working with an incredibly talented team at EA to make what contributions I can to the company's content graph.”)

My time as an organic search marketer has been nothing less than transformational from a career perspective, but most of all I'm appreciative of the many extraordinary people in the SEO world with whom I've been privileged to connect.

Were I attempt a "thank you" list it would be incredibly long, and I'd almost certainly leave many fine people off it inadvertently. So I'll limit myself to one name to stand as a proxy for all the search marketers with whom I've bonded, shared ideas with and vented to over the years: it's been quite a journey, hasn't it Jarno van Driel? Love you, buddy.

While no longer an SEO, I hope to have one more opportunity to speak to the search community, and this specifically related to where the search marketing journey has led me, and the insights I think I've garnered in the long transition from search engine optimization to knowledge engineering.

That is, despite the Google Knowledge Graph now having been available for more than seven years, I think the majority of SEOs have failed to see the forest for the trees when it comes to the development and deployment of enterprise search knowledge graphs.

The search engines' pivot from the provision of linked document summaries to the provision of facts about things is certainly the most significant change that Google et al. have ever made to their approach to search, and it has enormous implications not only for search marketing, but for marketing in general – and, dare I say, for digital epistemology.

Anyway, something I'd love to explore with my one-time colleagues in the search community, so if you're a search conference organizer in search of keynoter, ping me. 🙂

One way or another the dawn of a new decade seems to me a great time to close one digital chapter of my life and to start on another. So au revoir backlinks and canonicals and AJAX crawling: I'm off to The Lounge!

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