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Aaron Bradley (aaranged)Your host at SEO Skeptic is Aaron Bradley, a search marketer specializing in organic search engine optimization for enterprise-level ecommerce and media sites.  In the past I've managed in-house SEM programs in the fields of online gaming, ecommerce and online publishing. Currently I head up web channel strategy for Electronic Arts.

I reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, overlooking Stanley Park.

In retrospect, my educational and career choices have made a life in SEO more-or-less inevitable.  Back in the dark ages, I completed a bachelor's degree in English Literature with a specialization in post-modern literary theory (chiefly concerned with semiotics, or the study of signs and signification).  I then spent many years as a technical services librarian, meaning I catalogued books using a controlled vocabulary and a numeric classification system.  And, perversely, I very much liked doing so.

In 1995 I built my first website, which I am now (but not then) able to describe as a human-edited vertical directory of web resources related to warfare and international relations – something, to my surprise, that the search engines really seemed to like. I continued building websites for the next decade, until it dawned on me that I was an indifferent web designer, and made a wise move into the field of search marketing in 2005.

I love talkin' SEO, and to that end founded the Montreal SEO Meetup in 2008 to have people to talk with; these days I hang out with my friends and colleagues at meetups and social events when I can.   I'm am occasional contributor to Search Engine Land, where I at one time wrote for the "In-House" column, and I still actively maintain a list of in-house SEOs on Twitter.  Let me know if you're an in-house SEO but not on that list.

Online, I've had more organizational success with my Google+ Community Semantic Search Marketing. There's many knowledgeable and friendly people there: if you're interested in search marketing and the semantic web, Semantic Search Marketing is definitely a great place to start exploring the overlap between these two fields.

Please use the form below to send or request recipes (I love to cook), rant about the brilliance and/or inadequacies of this blog, or just plain say hello.  Unfortunately, I am not taking any new clients at the present time (but don't let this dissuade you from asking me an interesting question).

In case you missed it in the sidebar, you can follow me on Twitter – and I'm on G+ too.  Yes, I know the last paragraph of a meandering biography is the not the best place for those particular calls-to-action, but sometimes you can't resist rebelling.

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