A website's structured data success story

The topic of structured data has a rapidly growing audience looking into options beyond rich snippets. But some webmasters, if not most, are not sure what to do next. Many have questions like What are the benefits of publishing structured data?, Does it influence rankings?, and can its impact be measured?.

The slide deck of a presentation I gave during SmartData Conference 2015 tries to answer these types of questions by telling the success story of a website that was semantically optimized by using schema.org and other protocols.

Details are provided on what was optimized, data showing semantically-enriched webpages generated substantially more search engine-referred traffic than non- or less-enriched control groups did, and insights gained by re-using structured data to measure its impact on search. [continue reading]


Post image for First Rich Snippets from JSON-LD Spotted in the Wild (And They're Delicious)

Webmasters accustomed to marking up pages with structured data in order to generate rich snippets in Google have long looked forward to the day when Google sanctioned the use of JSON-LD for this purpose, rather than requiring them to use RDFa or microdata to provide these annotations inline.

JSON-LD is for most much easier to use than RDFa or microdata, is less likely to result in syntax errors when modified comaped to inline code, and can be inserted from JavaScript and still be understood by Google.
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The Lesson of the Buy Button Bonanza

June 2, 2015
The Lesson of the Buy Button Bonanza

About the only thing surprising about the buy buttons that have been popping up lately is that we haven't seen them sooner.

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How to use schema.org V2.0’s mainEntityOfPage property

May 15, 2015
How to use schema.org V2.0’s mainEntityOfPage property

With the release of schema.org v2.0 (the too large to fully describe in a single post edition) came a new property I think deserves to be in the spotlight as it resolves some long outstanding issues. mainEntityOfPage Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. Now I […]

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schema.org Version 2.0 Released: Extensions Ahoy!

May 15, 2015
schema.org 2.0 Released

Just under four years since the launch of schema.org, version 2.0 of the vocabulary was announced by R.V. Guha on the schema.org blog. It's a release worthy of a version leap for, as Guha says, it "brings several significant changes and additions, not just to the vocabulary, but also to how we grow and manage […]

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Google's Knowledge-Based Trust (KBT) Proposal

March 2, 2015
Google's Knowledge-Based Trust Approach to Quality

An article by Hal Hodson published in New Scientist has something of a seemingly hyperbolic title, "Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links." But the very first paragraph of the Google Research paper cited by Hodson shows the headline to be fairly, well, factual. This is a research proposal to replace links […]

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Search Engine Optimization with Data

February 27, 2015
SEO with Data

Until very recently, search engine optimization was – unsurprisingly – predicated on leveraging the world of web documents. We've always called what people do when they plug some words into Google a “search”. And it’s been appropriate, because there’s always been a ready answer to the obvious question, “search for what?”: web pages, and other […]

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Zero Blue Links: Search After Traffic

January 29, 2015
Zero Blue Links: Search After Traffic

Imagine a world in which there was still an internet, but no websites. A world in which you could still look for and find information, but not by clicking from web page to web page in a browser. A world where you could search the web from any internet-connected device without needing to visit a […]

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JSON-LD's Big Day at Google

January 16, 2015
JSON-LD's Big Day at Google

Yesterday Google made three announcements which were not only relevant to practitioners of semantic search engine optimization ("semantic SEO"), but which also explictly expanded the role JSON-LD plays in the Google search universe. As the name suggests, JSON-LD is JSON-based serialization for linked data – literally JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for Linked Data (-LD). That […]

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schema.org Gets Its Game on with v1.92

December 11, 2014
schema.org Gets Its Game on with Version 1.92

Dan Brickley of Google today announced a major new release of schema.org, in beta known as "venkman" (yes, after the Ghost Busters character) and released as schema.org version 1.92. This may well be the last 1.xx version. As Dan notes his announcement: With this update we "soft launch" a substantial collection of improvements that will […]

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